Five More Days of Ticket Madness Left

Five More Days of Ticket Madness Left

There are only 11 weeks to go until the Meteor Camden Crawl Dublin returns to a multitude of venues across the Irish capital (sorry Cork). From the banks of the Liffey all the way up to Camden St, this year’s event is promising to be bigger and better than last year!

Our bargain-busting 10am ticket releases have been flying off the shelves with an enthusiasm we couldn’t have even imagined when we decided to launch the promotion (tickets have been snatched up in under 60 seconds every morning!). We can’t thank you all enough for your continued participation in the event and wish you all the best of luck in the coming days! Congratulations to you quick-draw McGraw’s out there, and to those of you who haven’t been so lucky we encourage you to keep trying! There are five more days of incredibly low prices to come, so keep visiting at 10am until Sunday for the chance to beat the recession!

Crawl HQ is busy, busy, busy this week – with venues finally contracted and insured (hooray), curators announced (currently curating), bands being booked (our stack of submissions is finally shrinking), and announcements being prepared. We have also decided to spread our social wings that bit further, so you can now find us on Pinterest and Instagram! Follow us for music, videos and photos of the campaign as we build up to the festival this May.

This Sunday sees the release of a wide range of Crawl tickets, passes and packages at 9am, right here on the Camden Crawl site. Set a reminder in your phone, write it on your hand or do whatever you have to do not to forget!

Until next week, keep up to date with news, rumours, competitions and all things Crawl-related by following us on all things social:

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