Say 'Bastille', and most people will think of the day on July 14th, 1790, when the Parisian Militia stormed a forbidding symbol of French royal power and set into motion the French Revolution and the birth of the modern nation state. It's much less effort to bring to mind the name 'Dan Smith', and we urge you to do so: his band's quietly wonderful pop music, built from beeps, blips and beats, will renew your faith in liberty, egality and indeed the craft of songwriting.

Had you ever heard of Camden Crawl before? What did you hear?

Yeah, I live in London and have been along to the Camden Crawl a few times. It's always a good chance to see loads of bands that I've heard about but haven't been able to see.

Why do you think Dublin is a good place for the festival?

We've never played a gig in Dublin before, but friends of ours have and said it's an awesome city so we'll have to go on their good words. We're really looking forward to wandering round and being able to see some good bands.

Describe your music without referring to a genre or another artist.

Someone recently said it was somewhere between Bon Iver and Friendly Fires. Not completely sure how true that is, but I guess we play what I hope are a bunch of good songs without being too restricted to a specific sound.

What one thing should make us run, not crawl, to watch your set?

The opportunity to see our drummer Woody's hair?

What do you like and hate most about the festival season?

I love being able to go to loads of festivals, which we'd probably go to even if we weren't playing. I hate sometimes having to miss seeing bands and musicians that I'd love to see.

Name your top three choices of artists you'd most want to play with on tour?

None of these would ever happen, but at the moment maybe Bon Iver, Metronomy or Kanye West?

What is your 'on the road' breakfast of choice?

Whatever food we can find from the day before and shovel into our mouths before everyone else eats it.

Anything specific you want to plug?

We put  out a single called "Overjoyed" on the 30th of April. We also just made a mixtape/album which you can get for free at


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