THE DUBLIN CRAWL Q&A: Blacklisters

THE DUBLIN CRAWL Q&A: Blacklisters

For those times when you need a reinvigorating dose of rock noise, Blacklisters are your guys for the job. An exercise in visceral sound, the Leeds band have been compared to Pissed Jeans and Shellac and rock like an ox. Their debut album BLKLSTRS was released last week but the band seem slightly obsessed with Queen when we had a chat...

You can have one artist, living or dead, on stage with you: who is it and why?

I’m not expected to answer this question seriously am I? I am? Ok then. Either Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor or the really famous one.

Recommend us a tune by a band other than you that we should download right now.

Anything by Kong should be acquired as a matter of emergency, listen to “Ribbons”. Our mates These Monsters have a new tune out, “Live Some”, that’s well good too.

How do you pass the time when you are waiting around backstage?

We’re usually watching the bands that are playing before us, we’re nice like that, we aren’t really one of bands that locks themselves in a small room with the door slammed close. If we are then we’ll be drinking the bland standard lager that is on offer and discussing the pros and cons of Brian May.

If each member of the band had to appear in fancy dress on stage, who would wear what?

I think the obvious choice would be Billy the singer would dress up as the singer from Queen, Dan the guitarist would dress up as that guitarist from Queen, Stobb the drummer would dress up as the drummer from Queen and I would probably dress up as John Deacon.

Anything specific you want to plug?

Standard stuff like our debut album was released at the end of April, BLKLSTRS. We’ve got some cool shows coming up this summer, mainly festival stuff like the Camden Crawls, which will be ace. And there’s a really good Queen documentary on tonight at 8pm.


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