Rare is it that we plagiarise, but when we were excitedly surfing YouTube for videos of the mighty Dam Mantle's oceanic beats, this comment about 'Movement' jumped out at us: "If you were to give a dolphin wings and ride it across a rainbow, over a rain forest, this is what it sound like." This just about covers it.

Dam Mantle is Tom Marshall, and his intoxicating blend of hip hop and electronica offers fresh ways forward for both genres. His layers of sound achieve the emotional impact of a swirling string section, but without the cliches. Fellow Glasgow residents Hudson Mohawke might be an obvious touchstone, but there's something particularly unique about Dam Mantle.

His latest EP, 'WE', ranges from the weirded chants of 'Not A Word' to the delirious soundscape of the title track. Both are a perfect mix of immediate and intelligent. We grabbed him while we could.

Do you have any special plans for your set at the Crawl?

Yeh yeh, i'll be playing some new stuff.

In the film of 2012, who would you be played by?

Joey from Friends

What words do you most associate with Dublin?


Describe your music without referring to a genre or another artist.

Anakin Skywalker crawling up the molten hill without any legs.

What do you like and hate most about the festival season?

I'm indifferent.

What is your ‘on the road’ breakfast of choice?
Lime and mint juice and art ensemble of Chicago.

Anything specific you want to plug?
I got a couple of limited runs coming out in Europe- a 7" split and a 12" of reworks of a composer called Luc Marianni. Just put out a split with Becoming Real on "getme!" and there'll be something more substantial coming at some point.


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